Singing is freedom. It takes a journey of life to find the essential openness that is needed to gain this freedom. Breath releases the singing tone, the whole body is part of this process. You find your voice as you find yourself. There are many wonderful ways to help the singer to find his way. The teacher’s job is to find the most meaningful and efficient connection between the voice and the student. Good health and a well balanced and energized body will enhance a voice;  but a voice can only gain its ultimate beauty and technical perfection with complete ease of production. The attainment of ease of production is the first and essential duty of the voice teacher. A combination of the classical bel canto technical ideals and modern experience and knowledge of the singing voice give us marvelous tools to prepare the great singers of the future.

Raouf Zaidan divides his time between the USA and Egypt. He teaches in Boulder, Colorado and at his Center in Maadi . The current season starts 8 September 2017 in Maadi.